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Enchanted City Steampunk Festival and Maker Faire

September 16

The Enchanted City is the Steampunk Tale of Troy NY. The fairy tale of our future and past revealed for a day in our historic streets. It is an urban spectacle of invention, imagination, theater and magic dressed in Cogs and Corsets. A Victorian faire with Maker Flair. Join Queen Mab and her entourage for our fourth  year which promises to be a pageant  etonnante!
The Enchanted City is a free event, and open to the public.  Our event draws upon the unique aspects of Troy which honors our Victorian/Industrial heritage, while highlighting our emerging creative economy and technology sector. It has a rich history with a walkable historic district. We are on the cutting edge of the tech sector, and are creative and visual.

11:00-5:00 Saturday

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